BIONIC BIRD- The Furtive Drone

Experience an extraordinary sensor adventure: flying like a bird.

100M range. Easy & expert mode. Cruise control. Multiplayers system. Bluetooth protocol sensitive settings.

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 Hardware :
The bird
- Ultra light bird, weight 9.2 g
- Powerful main motor (1.2 watt output) with aluminum radiator
- Electronic anti overheating protection.
- 1:36 Reducer (patented) ultra compact and lightweight (0.3 g)
- Precise power control (128 steps)
- Adjustable tail angle for slow or fast flights (indoor / outdoor)
- Steering control by wing deformation (patented) precise and immediate for acrobatic flying
- Impressive gliding finesse due to its very low Alaire load (3.42 g / dm 2)
- On-board hybrid lithium polymer battery, 50 mAh (1.6 g)
- Short circuit protection, battery overload and complete discharge for a longer life.
- Autonomy for a 6 minute flight at full speed, 7.5 minute max for normal flight or a distance of 1.8 km.

The Egg – Stand Alone Charger
- 36 grams, 57 x 45 mm
- Hybrid lithium polymer battery, 800 mAh
- Total capacity of the egg: 10 full flights, or 75-minutes of flying time.
- Short charging time of the Bird, only 12 minutes thanks to a proprietary smart charging cycle "Turbo Charge®."
- The bird charges on the egg where it connects automatically by retractable magnetic contacts.
- Charging time of the egg: 1 hour
- Auto complete shut down of the egg after 12 minutes of inactivity (saves battery).
- Conveniently packaged, reusable bag for storage and transportation of the product.

Flying App Application :
- Range: 100m
- Protocol: Bluetooth
- Multiplayer system with Bluetooth connection, ability for several players in one place. No limitations.
- User Interface: 2 modes easy / expert
- Expert: touch throttle and steering control. Right and left handed operation.
- Easy: touch throttle control, steering control by tilting the phone.
- Sensors used: magnetometer, accelerometer.
- Configurable sensitivity.
- Spring recall function activated or not by the throttle.
- Battery level indicator of the bird in flight, and the strength of the BT signal.
- Interactive Sound / Vibration feedback information controls.
- Immersive sound environment.

Dimensions & performance :
Length of the bird: 17 cm
Size of the bird: 33 cm
Weight of the bird: 8.85 g
Bird control: Power (altitude) and steering
Egg – Stand alone Charger: LiPo Battery capacity 800 mAh
Onboard accumulator: LiPO 50 mAh, 20 C- 1100 mA
Autonomy of the bird in normal flight: 7.5 min
Egg Autonomy: 10 loads / 75 minute flight
Charging time of the bird: 12 min
Charging time of the egg by USB: 60 minutes
Auto power off of the egg after: 12 minutes
Range control of the bird in flight: 100 m
Protocol: Bluetoth 4
Engine rotation speed (no load): 53,000 rpm
Engine rotation speed (laden): 35,000rpm
Wings flapping frequency max: 18 Hz
Wings flapping amplitude: 55 °
Alaire load: 3.42 g / dm 2
Max wing thrust: 10 g
Required Level: Beginner

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