Bird's Eye Aquarium Table

Bringing serene nature to you daily lives.

Looking at an aquarium from the bird's eyeview. Designed to be with no air layer between the top glass plate and the water surface in the viewing tank, it allows fish to swim all the way up to the top glass plate.

W60cm * D60cm * H45cm. Total water volume: 80L.

Made in Japan.



More details

â‘  Once the water pump in the filter space is switched on, clean water in filter space is pumped up to the viewing tank via the water supply piping system, rising the water level in the viewing tank until it reaches the underneath of the top glass plate seemlessly to provide a crystal clear top view.

â‘¡ Excessive water in the viewing tank overflows to the table flange, where it falls to the filter space at the bottom.

â‘¢ The flowing water creates a large surface area which allows oxygen to dissolve. This is how oxygenation occurs.

â‘£ Fish waste and uneaten food, which will prevent filtration from taking place effectively, is filtered here, by wool.

⑤ The water flows through a number of filtering compartments, in where filtering materials are placed to remove toxic substances in the water biologically.

â‘¥ The filtration process ends in the final compartment where the water pump is located, which pumps the filtered water back to the viewing tank. This is another circulation.